About Me

I invite you to embark on a retrospective voyage to May 26, 1982, a momentous day of personal triumph and shared achievement for myself and nearly one thousand fellow graduates of the esteemed United States Naval Academy located in Annapolis, Maryland.  In this memorable photograph, you can see me, flanked by my mother and grandmother, who have both since passed away. As they replace my epaulets from the Naval Academy with those of an Ensign in the Navy, you can sense their immense pride and joy in my achievement. My father, a career naval aviator, captured this moment in time, and his pride in my accomplishments was palpable. Although my parents and grandparents have long since passed through the veil of death, this moment remains a powerful symbol of what can be achieved through hard work, dedication, and perseverance.

Joining the military and becoming a Naval Aviator, just like my father, was an honorable experience that I will always cherish.  I transitioned to the public sector service industry as an airline pilot for a major airline in December 1988.  With more than 35 years of experience in the Navy and the airline industry, I have had the privilege of flying extensively throughout our nation and to various parts of the world, gaining invaluable knowledge and skills.  

As someone who has explored the world, I can confidently say that it is undeniable that every individual yearns for the same basic human needs - the desire to belong, to be valued, and to have a meaningful existence.

Throughout my life, I have taken on a diverse range of roles that have given me a profound understanding of human nature and the desires that drive us all. As a pilot, coach, teacher, mechanic, fundraiser, leader, designer, counselor, artist, writer, planner, and family man, I have honed my skills and gained invaluable experience that has prepared me to tackle any challenge. With this wealth of knowledge at my disposal, I am confident that I can make a meaningful contribution to any endeavor I undertake.
After dedicating the first decade of my career to serving my country and devoting the majority of my life to my family, church, employer, and community, I am now eager to resume serving the nation with renewed vigor and passion. With my family obligations fewer and farther between, I strongly believe that the time has come for me to once again serve my country with all my heart, might, mind and soul.

I am vying for the prestigious title of President, as an independent candidate, driven by the necessity for non-partisan ideals and unwavering ethical leadership.

I am confident that I can win this election. My wife can attest to the fact that there is nothing I cannot accomplish if I dedicate myself to it. I am driven by the belief that if someone else can do it, I can too. I am not intimidated by challenges, as I am convinced that with hard work and perseverance, I can overcome any obstacle. Whether it is learning a new skill or accomplishing a difficult task, I am always up for the challenge. If others can succeed, I can too. This is why I am convinced that I have what it takes to win this election. If someone can become President, so can I!

Join me in following the footsteps of our esteemed founding father, George Washington, by breaking free from the shackles of political parties. As the only president in history to not belong to a political party, Washington warned us of their divisive nature in his farewell address. Let us honor his legacy by electing a candidate who embodies the same qualities he possessed: integrity and a willingness to serve the nation's interests above their own. Together, we can usher in a new era of unity and progress for our great nation.

Today, more than ever, America demands a leader with unyielding integrity and a true passion for serving the people. While few have been able to match the standards set by George Washington, I firmly believe that such individuals are still in existence and ready to step up to the challenge.

Integrity is high on my personal standards of behavior and service has been my life.   

Becoming president is undoubtedly a monumental achievement, but let's not overlook the importance of the journey itself. Remember Ross Perot, who ran as an independent candidate in 1992 and brought national attention to our staggering national debt? Well, I too am determined to bring awareness to the dire state of our nation - a state that includes the looming threat of a financial collapse far worse than any we've seen before. This isn't just about businesses; every American household will feel the painful impact of this crisis. It's imperative that we navigate through this difficult time with as little damage as possible. But we can't stop there. We must also work tirelessly to restore integrity to our government and implement sound monetary policies to safeguard future generations from the devastating consequences of such economic upheaval. Join me in this fight for our nation's survival - together, we can make a difference.

With the looming financial crisis, it is imperative that we have a leader who is knowledgeable about the root causes and can chart a clear path forward.

Allow me to recount the fable of the ailing patient. A gentleman of distinguished age, plagued by high blood pressure, irritable bowel syndrome, and sleep apnea, sought solace in the expertise of three different doctors. Each physician, a specialist in their respective field, prescribed medication, performed a colonoscopy, and provided a CPAP machine to alleviate the patient's symptoms. Despite the diligent care he received, the man found himself spending upwards of $10,000 annually on out-of-pocket medical expenses. While his blood pressure remained stable, his health took a gradual decline as time passed. Every few years, the colonoscopy would reveal benign polyps, the fiber supplement recommendation would be repeated, and the CPAP machine settings would be adjusted. The man's perpetual exhaustion eventually led to a diagnosis of narcolepsy. It wasn't until his sleep specialist suggested "functional medicine" that the patient found hope. This doctor had been studying functional medicine for quite some time and believed that there were many other factors at play that could be addressed with proper nutrition and daily habits. The man began his quest for answers by delving into the pages of "The Autoimmune Solution" by Dr. Amy Myers. This enlightening read illuminated the fact that proper nutrition is the foundation of good health. The body, designed to self-heal, can be thrown into chaos without the right nourishment. After implementing the strict dietary changes recommended in the book, the man lost a staggering 40 pounds in just two months. He no longer needed blood pressure medication, and his IBS and sleep apnea significantly improved. Formerly reliant on fast food and other less-than-organic fare, the man's health was transformed by the simple act of changing his diet. Even though he had exercised regularly for years, the dietary changes were the key to his success.

Let us draw a parallel between the parable and our current government, which is overwhelmed with a plethora of prescriptions aimed at solving the complex social, political, and economic issues of the day. With each passing predicament, a new remedy is prescribed, causing a significant dent in our pockets (taxes are rising, and national debt is ballooning). Similar to the incessant tweaking of the CPAP therapy, old problems are addressed with changes, regulations, and higher taxes, leading to an ever-growing bureaucratic labyrinth. Our politicians, like doctors, tend to specialize in one aspect of our social and economic well-being, oblivious to the holistic approach. A rare gem of a doctor broadened her knowledge to gain a panoramic view and offered a practical solution, but alas, few heeded her advice. Similarly, one in three politicians, if not fewer, comprehends the big picture because the majority of constituents clamor for more prescriptions and more government programs.  Consequently, our politicians continue to prescribe more remedies, such as healthcare for all, or merely tweak the current medications, as evidenced by the 50+ modifications in the 83-year history of Social Security.  This approach has failed us.

The solution for good government is simple.

Restoring the social, political, and economic health of our nation necessitates a keen comprehension of human nature and the implementation of "functional medicine" in our government. The onus falls on a courageous and forthright physician to guide the patient towards change, rather than the reverse. The government has played a role in creating social issues, and additional government intervention is not a panacea. In fact, government solutions have often exacerbated rather than solved problems. As the body can self-heal with proper nourishment and fewer synthetic drugs, our society can also recover with proper nourishment and less government intervention. As a leader, I pledge to facilitate the direction necessary to restore our nation's wellbeing.

Join me in my pledge to restore principled leadership for a brighter America - a nation that stands as a beacon of hope, a shining example of what it means to be a proud citizen. Let's work together to create a brighter future for all.